Tutorial 1: Monday July 4, 2011

Cognitive Radio and Adaptive Wireless Communication Systems







Dr. Huseyin Arslan

Associate Professor
University of South Florida





Today's wireless services have come a long way since the rollout of the conventional voice-centric cellular systems.  The demand for wireless access in voice and high data rate multi-media applications has been increasing. New generation wireless communication systems are aimed at accommodating this demand through better resource management and improved transmission technologies. The interest in increasing the Spectrum Access and improving the Spectrum Efficiency combined with both the introduction of Software Defined Radios and the realization of the idea that machine learning can be applied to radios has created new intriguing possibilities for wireless radio researchers.  In this tutorial, we will discuss the cognitive radio, software defined radio, and adaptive radio concepts from several aspects. Cognitive radio and cognitive networks are investigated from a broad aspect of wireless communication system enhancement while giving special emphasis on better spectrum utilization. The scope will include the following:

  • Application of SDR in advanced communication systems 
  • Adaptive wireless communication systems
  • Parameter estimation for adaptation of wireless communication systems (learning  environment and other factors)
  • Spectrum efficiency and soft spectrum usage
  • Multi-dimensional spectrum awareness
  • Applications of cognitive radio (specifically for public safety)
  • Femto-cells and relation to cognitive radio
  • Cognitive OFDM(A)
  • Spectrum, network, context, environment, location awareness 
  • Blind receiver design
  • Interference awareness
  • Signal analysis, signal awareness



Dr. Huseyin Arslan Biography:

Huseyin Arslan has received his PhD. degree in 1998 from Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, Tx. From January 1998 to August 2002, he waswith the research group of Ericsson Inc., NC, USA, where he was involved with several project related to 2G and 3G wireless cellular communication systems.  Since August 2002, he has been with the Electrical Engineering Dept. of University of South Florida. In addition, he has worked as part time consultant for various companies and institutions including Anritsu Company, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey- TUBITAK, Lecroy, and XG technologies.

Dr. Arslan's research interests are related to advanced signal processing techniques at the physical layer, with cross-layer design for networking adaptivity and Quality of Service (QoS) control. He is interested in many forms of wireless technologies including cellular, wireless PAN/LAN/MANs, fixed wireless access, and specialized wireless data networks like wireless sensors networks and wireless telemetry. The current research interests are on UWB, OFDM based wireless technologies with emphasis on WIMAX and IMT-Advanced, and cognitive and software defined radio.  He has served as technical program committee chair, technical program committee member, session and symposium organizer, and workshop chair in several IEEE conferences. He is a member of the editorial board for "IEEE Transactions on Communications", "Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing Journal", and "Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering" by Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Dr. Arslan is a senior member of IEEE.